Trivium Logo Usage Guidelines

Please download and use our logo as it is:


We primarily use the Good Times font family.


Follow these Guidelines when using any of the approved Trivium logos:

  1. Your use must not manipulate or misuse Trivium logo in any way
  2. Your use must be substantially separated from other logos, trademarks and graphics
  3. Your use must not imply endorsement by Trivium or create confusion
  4. Your use cannot be modified in any way, including proportions, colors, or fonts
  5. Your use cannot be used in connection with false or misleading advertising
  6. Your use cannot be used in a manner that disparages Trivium
  7. Your use cannot be combined with other words or marks
  8. Use is limited to the press and local businesses referring to Trivium services

Additional Terms

If you use any of the Trivium logos, icons, or buttons approved for use under these Brand Guidelines (“Trivium Creative Assets”), you agree that you will do so in compliance with the terms and conditions indicated on this page. If you do so, Trivium grants you a non-transferable, non-exclusive, royalty-free limited license to use the Trivium Creative Assets to refer to Trivium or its services, and only in accordance with these Brand Guidelines. This is not a trademark license.

Trivium reserves the right in its sole discretion to terminate or modify your permission to display the Trivium Creative Assets and to take action against any use that does not conform to these guidelines, violates Trivium’s Terms of Service, infringes any Trivium intellectual property or other right, or violates applicable law.

Except as set forth above, nothing herein grants or should be deemed to grant to you any right, title, or interest in or to the Trivium Creative Assets. Your use of the Trivium Creative Assets will inure to the benefit of Trivium, and Trivium disclaims any warranties either expressed or implied by law regarding the Trivium Creative Assets, including warranties of noninfringement. These Brand Guidelines shall be governed by California law, without regard to conflict of law principles, and the venue for any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with these terms shall be in Santa Clara County, California.


Press, Media and Publications

Journalists | Analysts

For Media Inquiries or Interview Requests, please get in touch with our press contact listed below. Please note that this contact list is for Journalists, Analysts, Media Professionals and Freelancers only. For all others, please use Contact List of our Team or Offices.

Media Contact

Shailey Sangwan

2901 Tasman Drive, Suite #210
Santa Clara, CA 95054
Telephone: (408) 940 0975

Send us an email using our Contact Page.

Please include the following details in your email to enable us to better provide your with relevant information:

Full Name, Phone number, E-mail address, Media outlet, Deadline and Detailed inquiry


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