Alan Beal | CEO, SAC Bulletin | Trivium Role - HR Services

“Trivium Human Resources helped us with a very short notice to meet our staffing needs. It was very professional and always quick to respond. Their understanding of our business and support during the hiring process was exemplary. Management of HR with up-to-date information was an area of our weakness which is now perfect with your guidance.”

Shelly Visva | Partner, Vega Timber | Trivium Role - Finance Services

“Trivium team delivers on all levels! From overseeing the design and implementation of on-going finance and administrative services to future planning at a great value. Trivium, we can count on you now. The relationship is more like a partner than a provider.”

Asheet Awasthi | CEO, Amerinde Consolidated | Trivium Role - Legal Services

“I would like to thank TriviumLS for all the help in merger and integration of our clients in Canada and India. It was cumbersome with a huge backlog to be processed and caught up during integration process. I appreciate your support and passion which proved to our team that you are truly dedicated to the success of your clients.”

Amar Bal | Founder, Star Power | Trivium Role - Venture Funding

“Trivium took out the Demo Day fears for venture funding pitch by evaluating our business and guiding us with the correct steps to take and prepare well. Best part was Trivium's Start-up Eco-system that advised on all areas of business, and we could focus on product.”

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